13w h shape low pressure germicidal uv lamps for water desinfication

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LED Light Bulbs. LED light bulbs are up to 80 percent more efficient than traditional lighting. These bulbs can be found in a variety of shapes including BRs, MRs, and LED tubes. Some LED lighting may qualify for rebates on top of the exceptional energy savings. Look for …

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1. Introduction Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is common for pathogen inacti-vation in drinking water and wastewater sources. UV sys-tems generally use either low-pressure (LP) or medium-pressure (MP) mercury vapor lamps. In the germicidal spec-trum, between 200

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Low pressure Ultraviolet lamps are available with UVA, UVB, UVC or Ozone outputs peaking at 365nm, 352nm, 308nm, 254nm and 185nm spectral range. Full range of wattages are available in various configurations including Linear (T5, T8, T10 diameter), Compact PL double tube, and T3 or T4 CCFL or Cold Cathode design.

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The GCL UV lamps are rated for 17,000 hours and along with the SBL and GML UV lamps are designed for air and surface disinfection in the air handlers and air ducts of HVAC systems. These germicidal UV lamps are ideal for mounting close to the coil and drain pan areas to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew in the AHUs or in the air ducts for air-stream UV disinfection.

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For example, voltage sags that vary from 10 to 15 percent from normal operating conditions for as low as 2 to 5 cycles (0.03 to 0.08 seconds) may cause UV lamps to lose their arc. Low pressure (LP) lamps generally can return to full operating status within 15


Sailon UV LIghting can be manufactured the Amalgam lamps with hong life and big power,and the UV output is three times that of ordinary low pressure UV lamps. 1.Sailon''s UV lamp still keep the 90% high UV output after runing 10000hrs,owing to special protective coating applied to

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The Low Pressure UV Lamps, also called "germicidal lamps", exploit UVC light to get the rapid sterilization of bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses and microorganisms both in air and in water. In this category of lamps about 40% of electricity is converted directly into UVC radiation with monochromatic emission at 254 nm for germicidal applications and at 185 nm for the oxidation of surfaces.

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UV radiation at 185 nm is used to generate ozone.The UV lamps for water treatment consist of specialized low-pressure mercury-vapor lamps that produce ultraviolet radiation at 254 nm, or medium-pressure UV lamps that produce a polychromatic output from

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Replacement UV Germicidal Lamps for Water Treatment and Air ... Preheat start lamps-Ozone Free Model Number Lamp Dimensions(mm) Power Current Voltage UV Output at 1 Meter Rated ... Manufacturer : Changzhou Lightbest Co., Ltd.

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The lamps tend to be long length, around 100cm, and emit UV at a high intensity. Low pressure germicidal lamps have an operating lifetime of up to 12,000 hours and convert up to 40% of the lamp''s electrical power into UVC, offering an efficient and cost-effective alternative to medium pressure mercury lamps for water, air and surface disinfection systems, as well as controlling unwanted ...

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USHIO 3000011 - G36T5VH - 39 Watt - T5 - Germicidal Low-Pressure Mercury-Arc UV-C OZONE Lamp - Slimline Single Pin (Fa8) BaseUSHIO 3000011 - G36T5VH - 39 Watt - T5 - Germicidal Low-Pressure UV-C OZONE Lamp - Slimline Single Pin (Fa8) Base


The low pressure UV lamps, also called "germicidal lamps", exploit UVC light to get the rapid sterilization of bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses and microorganisms both in air and in water. In this category of lamps about 40% of electricity is converted directly into

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Detailed Specifications Voltage 277V Wattage 5W Type LED A15 Color Temp (Kelvin) 3000K Lumens >420 Replaces 25-40W Incandescent Bulb Certifications CE, RoHS Beam Spread 250 Degree Length 2.80 in. Diameter 1.80 in. Base Type E26 (medium screw

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Germicidal UV lamp ~ T5 Series Characteristic: Germicidal UV lamp emit a large amount of UV at 253.7nm, which have excellent germicidal effect . These lamps have similar structure and electrical characteristics with those general fluorescent lamps used for

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UV lamps and systems. Each application requires a UV solution specific for your operating conditions: radiation spectrum, UV output, light tube temperature, lamp length and geometry. Ideal matching of UV lamps and UV curing systems guarantees the overall best performance of your operations.

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Philips Low pressure UV-C lamps have their main emission at 254 nm where the action on DNA is 85% of the peak value and 80% on the IES curve. As a result, our germicidal lamps are extremely effective in breaking down the DNA of micro-organisms. This means that they cannot replicate and cause disease 5.

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2016 Germicidal UV Lamps GPX13 Quartz lamp 13W 254nm H-shape with GX23... Min. Order: 100 Pieces FOB Price: $1.00 - $100.00 / Piece 2016 Germicidal UV Lamp for Trojan ...

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Tepro (China) Co., Ltd., with advanced technologies and abilities, has grown into a very competitive uv light for air conditioner manufacturer in the industry. 2. As the main force in uv light water purifier industry, Tepro put relentless efforts into designing and 3.

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 · Base: GX23. Watt: 13W. Length: 7.25" Long. Our UV germicidal lamps are compact UVC Ultraviolet germicidal bulbs used in residential water and air disinfection units. The compact size of bulb allows for a small system design and design flexibility. Our TUV PL-S lamps offer constant UV output over their complete lifetime to close to 10,000 ...

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Medium-pressure lamps are more similar to HID lamps than fluorescent lamps. These lamps radiate a broad-band UV-C radiation, rather than a single line. They are widely used in industrial water treatment, because they are very intense radiation sourceslight.

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Infrared Ring Lamps. Infrared Halogen Single Lamps. Circular infrared heating lamp for flavor oven. $10.00 - $100.00 / Piece. 5 Pieces (Min. Order) UVIR 3D Custom 240V heat lamp infrared halogen IR lamp. $20.00 - $500.00 / Piece. 2.0 Pieces (Min. Order) Special Shape …

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• Please note that we sell first quality UV Hot Cathode Germicidal UV Bulbs (UV-C low-pressure mercury arc lamps) and even still we check EVERY bulb. As well, we fire random bulbs from new orders we receive to ensure that we ship you a working bulb/lamp.

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UV low-pressure and germicidal lamps. Heraeus Noblelight offers a broad range of UV low-pressure lamps manufactured from high quality quartz glass for disinfecting water, air and surfaces. If synthetic quartz glass is used as the lamp material, 185 nm UV radiation (vacuum UV) is emitted in addition to 254 nm for oxidation processes such as the ...


The low pressure UV lamps, also called "germicidal lamps", exploit UVC light to get the rapid sterilization of bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses and microorganisms both in air and in water. In this category of lamps about 40% of electricity is converted directly into

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From the latest LED products to older lighting technologies, as well as bulbs, ballasts, drivers, electrical accessories, tools, fans and more, Lighting Supply offers a vast selection of lighting and electrical products, fast shipping, huge inventory of in-stock items and

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UV systems for water purification. UV systems can be used to disinfect water in a wide variety of applications including drinking water, wastewater, process water, swimming pools and ponds. UV lamps are available in wattages from 4W up to 1000W, allowing you to design disinfection systems for small (liters/min) up to very large municipal ...

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TUV T8 lamps are double-ended UVC germicidal lamps used in professional water and air disinfection units. TUV T8 lamps offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. 20,90 € tax excl. Price.

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Low Pressure mercury lamps Emitting shortware UV this GTL3 uv bulb,made of uv quartz glass and soft glass,classified to ozone and without ozone Connect into main wire voltage 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz with incandescent lamp and/or special made capacitor,no need of ballast,switch on and off up to more than 10000times.

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STER-L-RAY ® Instant Start germicidal uv lamps utilize a coil filament on each end which operates hot. Lamp life is governed by the life of the electrodes and is affected by the frequency of starting. STER-L-RAY ® Instant Start germicidal uv lamps are well suited to applications requiring high ultraviolet intensity such as water disinfection, air purification in duct systems and conveyorized ...

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UVC lights are UV germicidal bulbs that emit very short ultraviolet wavelengths from 100 to 280 nanometers that damages the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. UVC light does this by damaging the nucleic acid in microorganisms so they cannot unzip for replication. This means the organism cannot reproduce and will die.

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