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 · 5-axis viper grinding machines work with some of the hardest materials in the manufacturing process including nickel based super alloys, making it ideal for sectors such as aerospace where integrity and safety are so important. Speed is also part of the benefits with viper grinding – it delivers up to 5 times normal grinding performance.

Speed Viper² 180

The Höfler cylindrical gear grinding machine Speed Viper 2 180 – which focuses on high-productivity generating grinding in large-series manufacturing. An innovative generating grinding machine with Closed Loop Technology.

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Craig Barnes, the engineer in charge of the A99e cell, said, "I had experience of VIPER grinding at a previous company that produced aero engine blades for Rolls-Royce. The company steered us towards Makino / NCMT, which helped to develop the patented technology.

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Viper grinding machine for home new grinding process developments by tyrolit and machine tool developments by makino are the result of this work is the patented viper grinding process... Carry Out Form Grinding Process Mine Girnding Mills Root Grinding Process ...

Viper and High-Speed Stroke Grinding

Viper grinding is a type of surface grinding process developed and patented by Rolls-Royce plc [1] in the 1990s. The acronym stands for "Vitrified Performance Extreme Removal".emoval".

Speed Viper

Maximum flexibility in the grinding process. Speed Viper platform covers a broad range of components (large travel paths) Integrated, automated configuration of table drive parameters based on workpiece inertia. Automatic tool clamping system for minimal set-up …

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Rigid, robust and versatile multi-axis machining centre with high speed / power spingle technology (up to 20000rpm). What is one of the machine tool requirements? 2 axis CNC control of coolant nozzles to allow programmable positioning of the fluid jet in a radial direction to the wheel periphery (compensate for wear of wheel) and around the wheel ...

Speed Viper 300

Speed Viper 300 General Data Workpiece diameter (max) Ø 300 mm Grinding stroke 500 mm Work area over table (min. - max.) 0 - 500 mm Distance between centers 300 - 1,100 mm Module (min. - max.) 0,5 - 5 mm Swivel angle +/- 45 Grinding worm diameter


The gear grinding machine VIPER 500 is designed for component diameters up to 500 mm and is optimally suited for small to medium-sized batches. To suit in-dividual requirements, the machine is available in three different configurations: profile grinding, small ...

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 · Viper grinding technology enables engineers to create more intelligent designs by delivering a grinding tool that can be used on multiple axes, cutting the time spent on changing to different settings, substantially reducing manufacturing time and delivering a high ...

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GRINDING VIPER grinding gets more bite The latest developments at Makino now include VIPER grinding as part of machines with multi-function capability, delegates to a recent seminar were told. Machinery reports A Makino A100 with 1,700 by 1,350 by 1,400

What is Abrasive Machining?

 · Peel grinding was invented and patented by Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik (Nordrach, Germany) in 1985 under the name Quickpoint. It''s an abrasive machining process whereby a thin superabrasive grinding wheel is run at high speed and used as the nose of a "turning tool" to machine cylindrical components; even parts with high length:diameter ratios, like automotive valve stems, can …

New Tyrolit Wheels for Viper Grinding

 · VIPER ULTRA wheels have a new, patented matrix and are made using a sintering process that closely controls wetting and coating of the grain surface, which in turn improves bonding of the grain. The highly porous bond system is capable of absorbing high dynamic loads without damaging the bond bridges, resulting in optimal use of the abrasive grain.


High efficiency grinding of nickel alloy components The Japanese machining centre manufacturer, Makino, recognises that its UK agent, NCMT, is the world leader in the application of VIPER grinding for the production of nickel-based components up to eight times faster than when using a conventional, plated CBN (cubic boron nitride) wheel.

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 · The VIPER process patented by Roll-Royce was first introduced in 2001. An improvement over Makino''s smaller G5, i-Grinder model, the G7 uses two roll stacks to dress the grinding wheels. This allows the flexibility to produce a greater variety of components without having to change the rolls, reducing unproductive time and better suiting the machine to an automated production cell environment.


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Viper Grinding | ELE Advanced Technologies

VIPER grinding (5 axis machining) is transforming the way engineers design for manufacture. The viper system is based around the ability to change the grinding tooling in process allowing multiple features to be produced within one machine cycle – this leads to reduced setting and manufacturing time and ultimately lead time and cost!

Viper Grinding | ELE Advanced Technologies

 · Viper Grinding: The Future of Manufacturing Introducing flexibility into the manufacturing process that helps improve performance and reduces costs is key to success nowadays. Searching out the best technology and combining this with highly skilled teams of design engineers and operators lies at the heart of everything that ELE stands for.


Viper grinding is discussed in more detail in U.S. Pat. No. 6,123,606, hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety for its disclosure of a grinding process. In viper grinding operations, the grinding wheel is …

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FGC2 (5 axis Flexible Grinding Centre) and Rolls Royce s patented VIPER process, has been further enhanced with the inclusion of the internationally renowned FiltermistXcel2 oil mist removal system. Bridgeport has used oil mist removal products from


The patented VIPER system, developed in a TYROLIT joint venture, excels with its completely new and revolutionary approach to grinding operations for turbine rotor blades and nozzle guide vanes (NGV). TYROLIT has succeeded in further advancing its special .

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VIPER grinding (very impressive performance extreme removal) is a grinding process first introduced within Rolls-Royce in 1998/9 in collaboration with Tyrolit (01788 823738). The process employs small diameter vitrified wheels dressed by diamond rolls to support creep-feed grinding undertaken on …

Viper Grinder Wins Award

 · VIPER grinding is a production process patented by Rolls-Royce that employs a machining centre for creep feed grinding primarily of nickel alloy components for the ''hot'' end of gas turbine engines.

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VIPER grinding process is a patented process and becomes only effective if the VIPER grinding system is applied. Viper uLtra best For viper grinDing VIPER GRINDING The VIPER system allows cool grinding with excellent form holding and profile retention. Cool


10 CREEPFEED GRINDING FOR THE VIPER GRINDING PROCESS NORTON VORTEX 2 & ALTOS IPX: THE NEW HAWK SOLUTION Developed by Saint-Gobain Abrasives, HAWK combines the cutting edge technology of Norton Vortex TM 2 and Altos IPX bonded wheels to offer the ultimate high technology solution for grinding ...

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 · The Höfler Viper 500 (K option) CNC cylindrical grinder with multiple wheels installed at Gibbs Gears has a special axis configuration which is said to deliver optimised 5-axis machining of gears with a wide variety of modifications in the shortest possible grinding time. It has a grinding stroke of 500mm, the work area over the table is 300 ...

Case Study: NCMT Limited

The technique is being developed in the UK by NCMT, which sells Makino''s VIPER grinding platforms across Europe. Since May 2015, the company has also been European agent for the patented Blue Photon photo-activated adhesive workholding system from the USA.

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 · Learn additional details on the G7 5-axis grinding machine at Efficient production of high temperature nickel alloy aerospace engine co...


 · VIPER grinding (5 axis machining) is transforming the way engineers design for manufacture.The viper system is based around the ability to change the grindin...


* VIPER grinding, a production process patented by Rolls-Royce that employs a machining centre for creep feed grinding of nickel alloy components for the ''hot'' end of gas turbine engines, has been an international success since its introduction in 2001.

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